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This is a photo of my grandfather's brother, William Amos Jameson(1882-1959). Beside him is his girlfriend, Katie McDevitt, who William lived with for many, many years in Dorset, Vermont at a time when most social circles considered this an affront to their beliefs. My great uncle was a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, but his heart was in the right place. Back in 1974, the Caretaker at St. Jeromes told me that William was a free-spirited man and when he died and was buried beside Katie, two relatives from Bennington, one probably being my great aunt, Irene Jameson Devenow, came up to honor her brother by having a picnic lunch at the gravesite. Just before they got up and left, one of then would open a bottle of beer and pour its contents out upon William's grave. And I was told this was how traditions got started and how the grass always remained green even during the summers(Chuckles).

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My family has reached the present time. It’s a spidery network of people intricately designed by God with a will to survive under the harshest conditions embodied upon this planet. Our Earth travels as our Solar system travels, a route we know nothing about, any more than the direction of our minds, I sometimes like to think. This force we must reckon with, because it pushes and pulls us to and fro where we can’t necessarily comprehend by design or logic. Yet, as a people we (flow?) like energy channeled to some unforeseeable future destination.

My family made it by hard work, will and effort through the vast jungles and deserts as well as through war, famine, and disease that crosses our paths. Survival is a very dangerous business and I stand in awe with the accomplishments of those who have come before us. I won’t get into the details and I won’t run on with pride about their pursuits and adventures for I have my own to consider. However, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be here to tell something of their lives and experiences; the good and the bad and all of that that comes up in the genealogy of mostly remarkable men and women.

Sources have always been an issue for me; most people don't use them! You may find areas in this tree that don't have them because there is no research yet, so please keep that in mind when you come across them.

Lastly, to get to the Jam?son Family Branch you want, select in the "Search" box top, right "Advance Search". At the top of the next window is a label that states "Tree" with a drop-down menu. Select it and the branches will appear.

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I like new things of interest. I also like teamwork and the advantages of getting people and history together. Some of the features here will take you to John Jameson's sites that are tying in real world support for Jameson's of all spellings.