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Willowbank House - Aberdeen, Scotland
Willowbank House - Aberdeen, Scotland

An In-Depth Study, including the Genealogy and Family Histories, of Some Various Related JAM?SON Families

This website is devoted to the study, genealogy and family history of several Jam?son families who we believe all share the same ultimate paternal Jam?son ancestral beginnings, based on traditional research and genetic verification.

There are many families with the surname Jameson, most however, are not related. The Jameson surname, in any of its various spellings, was created of need by many to mean the son of James. Most who first used this surname were totally different and unrelated people. Thus, there are many unrelated Jameson families, all over the world, with the same surname. The difference between distinct Jameson families can be easily determined (and thereby proven) by DNA from the Y Chromosome. more on that subject...

The discovery of Jam?son families, as listed herein, with similar Y-Chromosome DNA results (profile) prove, or at least strongly suggest, that these families are related to each other and to the Jamesons listed within Some Jamesons and perhaps others not yet found, all having somewhere a common ancestor, and this most likely, since surnames have been used. Collectively speaking - "OUR" Jam?sons.

A significant amount of what can be found on this website is a result of the personal research and generous sharing of information about this family, by many people, without which much would have gone untold. If you have any interest in or knowledge of this family and it's descendants, we'd love to hear from you. In fact, we strongly urge you to contact us.


Forward. It is often said that "one cannot choose his or her ancestors" true enough, but then "would they have chosen us?" ....

Our Jam?sons. Defined and Explained. Why our Jam?son family is actually different from all other Jam?son families.

Name Variations. An Explanation and Listing of the many different spellings of the surname

Our Jam?sons Historical Background. Our Jam?son family is of Anglo-Saxon origins and are originally from Scotland
Clan. Most traditions have it that descendants of our Jam?son family have their ultimate origins with the Scottish Clan.

A Jameson Irish Whiskey Connection? Is there any family connection with the famous Irish whiskey with the Jameson name...

Notable Jam?sons, Some from our Jam?son family who have excelled with exceptional achievement(s) and/or notoriety

DNA. Details about our Jam?son family's unique genetic profile and what this all means ....


If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.