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 Maybe Jamesons

There are a few Jam?son families we think may belong to our particular Jameson family.[1] Unfortunately we are not able to prove this, either way, through traditional means or by YDNA testing.[2]

Listed below (with a link) are those we think might be part of our Jameson family.

  • Hugh Jamieson (1852-1907) family of Ireland and Chester County Pennsylvania. This family emigrated in 1873, from the Bann Valley area of Ulster, where our Jameson family was living a hundred and fifty years earlier. Hugh and Alexander (a brother) were very common names in our Ulster Jameson family.

  • Robert Jamieson (c,1812-c.1864) family of Ireland. Descendants from this family emigrated in to America in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This family was living in the area where our Jameson family was living a during the early and middle 1800s, including in Coleraine. Hugh was a common name in this and in our Ulster Jameson families.

  • William Jameson (1816-c,1855) family of Ireland, then western Pennsylvania. This family emigrated in 1851, from the Kilrea area in Ulster, where our Jamesons were known to have lived when they emigrated a hundred years earlier. Furthermore, this family had sons, with the name Jonathan and Alexander, common names to our Ulster Jamesons.

[1]      Our Jamesons - defined and explained

[2]      Y-DNA Testing - explained