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It is often said that "one cannot choose his or her ancestors" true enough, but then "would they have chosen us?"

Who Are We?

Ancestors are one of those things you just can't live without. Nor, for that matter, escape from their imprint. Each of us is really the true legacy of all our individual predecessors and there is no way around it. Not just biologically or genetically but also as a collective result of the values, goals and commitments handed down, generation after generation, from each and all our forefathers. It can be said that we are like a patchwork quilt, with bits and pieces from every one of our ancestors. A composite of ingredients, however small, from those very people of whom we are descended. But exactly who were these forefathers, who precisely are our ancestors? What were they like? Where were they from, what did they do? How much do we really know about them and why have they left us in the condition we are now in?

A Family Matter

A family is more than a simple and fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their immediate offspring. It is a group of persons sharing common ancestry and can be said to include all of those people going back to the original ancestor. Everyone has such a family whether the realize it or not. It is important to understand and be part of such a family and to derive pleasure and pride from knowing all of those which make-up our family.

Important History Gone Missing

Throughout history people are born, live their life, then die. This has gone on for centuries and will probably continue forever. However, unless a person is unusually noteworthy, the sum of that persons life - let alone the details, is quickly forgotten, usually within a generation or two. Records are lost, property sold off, achievements forgotten and memories faded. Although this is both natural and understandable, lost and forgotten never-the-less.

But, when that person is an ancestor, especially a direct ancestor, that life has considerably more meaning and that history can be a lot more interesting. Everyone remembers the unusually noteworthy and the famous, anyway. It is left up to us to remember our own predecessors, each of which, by their very definition, is especially meaningful. For if we do not remember - who will? Can there possibly be any history more important, more significant than our own?

About this Website

This is an attempt to collect and remember each ancestor - and collectively thereby our family. A compilation of certain records, events, remembrances and situations in the lives of a family descended from a single ancestor.

It is hoped that this collection of data on our ancestors brings meaning as well as interest and pride to those who most benefit from our forefathers. After-all, this is the true and most meaningful legacy - and one which we each get to inherit.


Most of what is listed here is real fact, but some undoubtedly are just legends. These contents are as accurate and complete as available resources permitted. Objectivity was a goal within the bounds of family sensitivities.


This compiler claims little credit for the subject matter or records. After all, most of the material that makes up this family history and genealogy has long been available. Most of the vital records, birth certificates, death certificates, etc.; are part of the public record. Individual narratives, family retrospectives and legends have been part of each individual families remembrances. This work is an effort to assemble in one place those portions of such materials that seem worth preserving.

This website could not have been possible without the help of many people. Any failure to acknowledge assistance received has been due to oversight and not to lack of appreciation for this valuable aid and for any such failure this compiler offers a sincere apology.


This gathering of individuals, families, names, places, dates and history has been not only my pleasure but at my limitations as well. Anyone reading this, not only now but those in future generations, should get involved and further explore those areas I did not. Much, MUCH, more can and should be learned about those described here. I charge you to do this and see that this compilation be updated with newly found facts and legends. Do not assume that because something is not listed herein that it does not exist. More than likely it is something I did not get to or something I simply could not find.

It is also important that somewhere in the future, and hopefully before another century and a half passes, someone reading these words pick up the challenge and update these listings with all those descending where this leaves off. After-all, families and forefathers should not be forgotten. If they are not remembered in a gathering such as this they might be lost to those deserving most of the legacy of descendancy.